Two killed as vehicle plunges into ocean at Kivukoni Ferry

21Apr 2016
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
Two killed as vehicle plunges into ocean at Kivukoni Ferry

A rare accident occurred at Dar es Salaam’s Kivukoni Ferry when a driver and passenger died after their vehicle plunged into the Indian Ocean.

Army, police and Fire and Rescue officers carry a body of Nice Kalago a woman who was among the two people who were drowned yesterday at Magogoni Ferry after their vehicle slipped from a ferry. Photo; Mpoki Bukuku

The unfortunate incident occurred started after a Toyota Hiace with registration no T271 CRG, being driven by a man who was identified as Dani (30), plunged into the sea from the MV Kigamboni ferry, which was parked waiting for passengers and vehicles before it began its journey to the other side of the creek.

Reports have it that the vehicle entered the ferry but its brakes failed, leading it to plunge into the ocean.

Eyewitnesses told The Guardian that the car had two people, the driver from Tandika in Dar es salaam and a woman identified as Nice Mwakalago from Mbeya, who were heading to Vijibweni in Kigamboni.

Senior Superintendent from the Fire and Rescue Force, Commander Brighton Monyo, said his force got information at 5am early in the morning and rushed to the area to start searching for the two people who had plunged into the water.

He said that around 9AM they managed to find the body of the driver and later, around 1.25PM, recovered the woman’s body after over eight hours of search and rescue. The two bodies were taken to Muhimbili National Hospital for preservation.

However, Commander Monyo cited lack of equipment for rescue services as among challenges holding back rescue operations.

“If there were enough rescue equipment, the operation could be completed in a short time,” the official said, appealing to the government to equip the ferry with rescue equipment.

He also cited lack of a telescope, an important tool in rescue services, as thwarting rescue operations of the team.
Brown Mwakalago, a brother of the deceased (Nice Mwakalago), said she was arriving from Mbeya where they had recently attended a funeral.