UDOM all out for young professionals empowerment

02Jul 2020
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
UDOM all out for young professionals empowerment

THE University of Dodoma (UDOM) has set aside funds to help empower up and coming young professionals in order to gain more competence in research, it has been revealed.

This was said here this week by the university’s College of Business Studies and Law principle, Adam Mwakalobo during a press briefing after opening training on freedom of speech for professionals.

He noted that the fund is accessibly on competitive approach whereby the young and talented professionals are encouraged to apply for funding that is aimed at improving their researches.

 “Our target is to empower young professionals and they are welcome to apply for funds and thereafter conduct research in their areas of competence,” said Mwakabolo, adding that despite the small support, they are also helped to publish their work.

He noted that the training will be ongoing to continue enabling the professionals gain more new skills since there are a lot of developments in education sector. Mwakabolo noted that there are many things that get into the market every day, thus professionals need regular training.

The professor added that academicians need the freedom to publish their work in accordance to things they see, experience and encounter since this is important consideration for their promotion at work places.

On his side, the director of law department at UDOM, Ines Kajiru noted that the training has been convened in to help build capacity of young academicians in different ways.

“ Very many people benefit from such trainings, for instance, today lecturers and academicians at the school of business studies and law at UDOM are getting the same,” he said.

He added that the aim of the training is to constantly empower professionals and improve their understanding on freedom of expression and freedom of education.

Nicodemus Kusenha, secretary at the East African Network for University Law Clinics (EANUUALAC), also observed that the training is important in creating more awareness on freedom of expression and self recognition.

 “In legal terms if you talk of freedom of expression it encompasses a lot of things such as limitation of the freedom, there are rights but there are some things one cannot talk about despite the freedom,” he said.

He singled out the national law on statistics that prohibits unlawful debates, mention or use of certain issues and data, hence the need to know the limits.

The training was organised in collaboration with other centres for legal aid providers in East African universities.

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