UDP appoints secretary general

21Jun 2016
Devota Mwachang'a
The Guardian
UDP appoints secretary general

THE United Democratic Party (UDP) Central Committee has appointed its newly member, Dr. Goodluck ole Medeye to be the party’s acting secretary general, who pledged to use skills and innovation to re-build and improve the party.

Dr. Goodluck ole Medeye

Medeye who last year joined the leading opposition Chadema, has ditched the party and joined UDP just a week ago.

Addressing journalists in Dar es Salaam yesterday, UDP chairman John Cheyo said the party’s decision to appoint Medeye was meant to cover the vacant position, which was left by the former secretary general who is not well.

According to him, Isaac Cheyo was appointed to take the position of acting secretary general, but for some reasons, the party decided to appoint Medeye for the post. Also Andrew Bomani (who is a son of Judge (Rtd) Mark Bomani) was appointed party’s director of strategic and external affairs.

“We have appointed people who are eager to bring development of the party and the nation in general; we are sending you (newly leaders) to work for citizens and not going to insult other people or government leaders including President John Magufuli,” he cautioned.

Cheyo said UDP supports the government efforts which aim at bringing country’s development and citizens’ welfare; it should encourage a n preach love, peace love and not hate speeches.

For his part, Andrew Bomani promised to implement the party’s objectives in order to have a new transparent party which welcomes criticism, challenges and debates.

“The history has been made today, after joined with the party a week ago, I have given this task of taking the party to the public, as we do believe in politics in building the nation…” he said.

Newly appointed acting secretary general Medeye promised to work closely with other party’s leaders within and outside UDP; said the country is now facing with many difficulties including the banning of political rallies.

According to him, the banning of political rallies means to undermine political parties’ welfare; it is high time for the President John Magufuli to intervene and give freedom to opposition parties building their parties through their meetings.

He said: “it is not true that all political parties using abusive languages in their rallies, or intended to remove the ongoing ruling party from power, that is not as easy as they think, that can be made only through the ballot box, so as the party, we agree to work hand-in-hand with the government without inciting breaching of peace”.

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