UK lauds Tanzania’s plans towards net zero carbon emission reduction

23Sep 2021
Francis Kajubi
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
UK lauds Tanzania’s plans towards net zero carbon emission reduction

​​​​​​​UK government has commended Tanzania’s initiatives towards net zero carbon emission reduction promising to work hand in hand with the government in attaining the mission by 2050.

David Concar, the British High Commissioner to Tanzania

Speaking yesterday in Dar es Salaam at a special gala organised by the CEO Roundtable of Tanzania themed ‘The role of the private sector in driving the climate change agenda’ David Concar, the British High Commissioner to Tanzania said that climate financing is vital especially for developing countries like Tanzania by working together with development partners and the private sector.

The CEOs organised the gala at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) to be held next November in Glasgow, Scotland.

Concar said more than 100 global government leaders will gather to discuss how to work together to address the rising problem of climate change. The meeting of world leaders will focus on achieving the goal of sourcing enough funds especially for developing countries to fund climate change related programmes.

The other goal is to ensure the role of industrialised countries in reducing carbon emissions which developed countries have an obligation of taking the lead in this initiative.

“The emission reduction targets have not been met yet. The Britain emission reduction targets are effective with commitment of reducing the emissions to achieve net zero by 2050. That is the most ambitious target for any country on earth. We also urge more action from the G7 which is the mode of most industrialized countries and more action for the G20,” said Concar.

Sanjay Rughani, Chief Executive Officer at Standard Chartered Bank and CEO Chairman, said that at local level the issue of carbon emission has much to do with processing and manufacturing industries owners on environment conservation.

“We, as members of the CEO Roundtable from large companies that make a total of 160 companies see the climate change issue as a matter of concern that we have a vital role to play. I would like to encourage my fellow members that businesses must perform better but should consider environmental conservation issues for people’s life and health through climate change resilience.

The CEO Roundtable is willing to champion the course of carbon emission reduction. It is very important for our daily operations strategy to collaborate with not only the government but also individuals in achieving a common goal of keeping the environment safe for climate change resilience,” said Rughani.

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