Ulanga, Kilombero to get title deeds

04Mar 2016
Lydia Shekighenda
The Guardian
Ulanga, Kilombero to get title deeds

AT least 300,000 title deeds will be issued to villagers in Ulanga and Kilombero Districts under the Land Tenure Support Programme (LTSP) being implemented as a pilot project in the two districts.

The Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Mr William Lukuvi

According to the programme coordinator Godfrey Machabe, the project aims at supporting a more transparent, efficient and better resourced land sector and ensuring that current and future demand for land leads to beneficial and equitable outcomes for Tanzania’s rural populations.

Speaking here this week during a sensitization and awareness meeting to Councillors, ward executives and other stakeholders from Ulanga District, Machabe said that the programme will also help to minimize land disputes between farmers, pastorals and other users, among them investors.

He, however, noted that the issuance of title deeds will not include areas which have been declared as townships instead such areas will be surveyed through a special system which will be prepared under the programme.

Machabe said that a total of 92 villages in Ulanga will benefit from the programme while in Kilombero 105 villages will be reached by the programme.

“The programme will also help to improve and sustain policy and institutional issues so as to have common understanding on policies, laws, and procedures on land issues.

It will also strengthen performance and communications between institutions and improve management of land disputes,” Machabe said.

Machabe added: “Through this programme transparency and benefits from investment contracts in big farms will increase through a proper system of land ownership and best way of dividing profits from land investments.”

He, however, noted that the programme which will be implemented for three years starting this year is expected to cost USD 15.2 million which will be provided as grant by development partners.

“Development partners who have funded this project include UK government through Department for International Development Agency (DFID), Denmark through Danish International Development Agency and Sweden via Swedish International Development Agency,” Machabe said.

On his part, Team Leader- Land Tenure Support Programme Swagile Msananga said that through the programme the government will have a database of the land from 50 acres and above which have been surveyed and those which have not been surveyed.

He added that the government will repossess unused land so that it can be used by its institutions or redistribute it to farmers.

“We are going to start collecting data next month on the status of land investment in the country and identify all farms with 50 acres and above which have been abandoned so that they can be used for other economic activities,” he said.

He said the work of identifying the farms will start in the Eastern Zone which includes Morogoro and Coast Region and then the team will proceed to other regions.

Msanaga noted that all procedures and laws governing lands will be observed if the government will decide to repossess undeveloped land for its uses.

Juliana Pilla, Assistant Commissioner of Lands East Zone said that the plan to list and identify all idle land is meant to ensure that it is used by government institutions or being redistributed to farmers.

“There are people who have been given land for agriculture or livestock keeping but they have abandoned it thus the government will use the land for other development activities.

The government is also working on the possibility of allocating the land to villages with huge population and need more land,” she said.