Uranium mining company donates blood analyser to Namtumbo Hospital

11Jan 2021
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Uranium mining company donates blood analyser to Namtumbo Hospital

A URANIUM mining company, Mantra Tanzania Limited has donated a 50m/- worth Hematology analyzer to Namtumbo District Hospital which did not have this essential equipment needed for the hospital to function well.

 The machine was handed over to the Ruvuma Regional Commissioner, Christine Mndeme by Mantra’s Managing Director, Frederick Kibodya. 

Mantra has donated the hematology analyzer as a continuation of the fundraising for Namtumbo Selous Marathon that was held in November 2017 and November 2018 and dinner that aimed at raising funds for the construction of the Namtumbo District Hospital.

In addition to being the main sponsor of the two marathons and fundraising dinner, Mantra contributed more than 60m/- in cash for the initial construction of the maternity ward at the District Hospital.

Mantra’s donation of the Hematology analyser will greatly improve the efficiency of blood test at the district hospital.

This instrument is very important for the hospital as it can analyse more parameters to characterize disease detection and monitor blood cells in patients, with speed, accuracy and precision.

The donation of the hematology analyzer goes hand in hand with the donation of a borehole to the district hospital.

The borehole that cost 19.5 million will curb the water scarcity challenge at the Namtumbo District hospital and hence improve sanitation.

These donations are part of Mantra’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment to communities around the project in the health and sanitation sector and compliment to government’s determination to improve the health of all Tanzanians by increasing health care that meets the needs of all people including those in Namtumbo.

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