US celebrates 5 years of improved children skills through education

21Apr 2021
Alima Nkwong, HMC
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
US celebrates 5 years of improved children skills through education

THE United States government through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) has pledged to continue supporting the country’s education sector particularly the children and youth.

director, Andrew Karas.

Speaking at the opening of a virtual meeting to celebrate advancements to basic education achieved through five years of the Tusome Pamoja (“Let’s Read Together”) activity and two years of the HesabunaElimuJumuishi (“Inclusive Arithmetic and Education”), USAID mission director Andrew Karas said education serves as a driver for all other development and for the reduction of extreme poverty.

Karas remarked, “We believe that if children are healthy, well-nourished, educated, and supported by their caregivers and communities, then they will have the necessary skills to become productive young adults, well-positioned to pursue and achieve their aspirations.”

The virtual event, “Celebrating Five Years of Early Grade Reading, Math and Inclusive Education,” highlighted the successes and sustainability of the activities in early grade reading, math, and inclusive education for the pre-primary and primary education sector.

The Tusome Pamoja activity improves the quality of early grade basic skills instruction, improves teaching methods and skills, and engages parents and communities toward helping improve education outcomes.

Its partner activity, HesabunaElimuJumuishi, introduces math instruction and training for teachers to better respond to the needs of children with disabilities.

Both activities collaborate with the Ministry of Education on the Mainland and Zanzibar, Tanzania Institute of Education, Zanzibar Institute of Education and PORALG and PORALG-Special Department.

The US government provides substantial assistance to Tanzania and sponsors a wide range of programs across many sectors.

In the past five years, USAID invested $82 million in basic education in Tanzania. To date, the Tusome Pamoja activity has reached over 2.4 million children across 3,060 schools with reading, writing and arithmetic interventions.

Meanwhile, over 20,000 teachers have been trained in phonics-based teaching methods for literacy and numeracy.

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