USAID helps gov’t ICT systems set plans, budget links

12Aug 2017
The Guardian Reporter
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USAID helps gov’t ICT systems set plans, budget links

The government in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will train various public officers on the use of new Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools to prepare plans and budgets for public sector organizations.

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)


Senior government officials said this week that challenges in the old system include the presence of lack of synchronization of budgets at every level of public administration.

Wastage of time is another problem when analyzing budgets, poor correlation and messaging various budget systems used in preparing plans and budgets and the submission of budgets out of the set time framework.

Launching the new ICT system, Morogoro Regional Administrative Secretary Clifford Tandari said the system will greatly help to reduce costs incurred by the public sector, by improving from the previous one.

 “This technology limits ICT experts from travelling to gather documentations and thereby it saves time and money,” he said.Facilitated by the Regional Administration and Local Government Authority in collaboration with the project on Public Sector Systems Strengthening (PS3), the training will increase productivity, transparency and efficiency in the public sector.

The system is also expected to reduce challenges faced by public sector organisations  in using the old system, and put in place  connections between expenditure and services provided to people, apart from submitting budgets on time.

The system also aims at putting budget and services offered by service providers from public sector agencies in line with PlanRep system which has been modified, and other systems like Lawson and Epicor.

On his part, the ICT Assistant Director at the President’s Office-Regional Administration and Local Governments (PO-RALG) Baltazar Kibola said at least 650 participants from district councils will be trained on the use of the new system and modified current systems, including PlanRep.

“This PlanPrep will help to remove and solve challenges which appear in the old system by helping to enter budget plans by service providers,” he said.

Kibola said contrary to the old system, the new system has been enabled to enter identification numbers by each service provider to each sector.

The PS3 ICT manager, Revocatus Mtesigwa noted that results of strengthening the systems will enable the government to improve management of its systems for the public interest.