Use alternative punishment to children, Tamwa Z’bar urges parents

27Jul 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Use alternative punishment to children, Tamwa Z’bar urges parents

​​​​​​​THE Tanzania Media Women Association (TAMWA) in Zanzibar has called on parents and guardians to stop posing heavy punishments to their children because doing so, may lead to serious impacts that would eventually affect the child’s development.

​​​​​​​Dr Mzuri Issa.

Dr Mzuri Issa, the director of TAMWA Zanzibar made the call over the weekend following a recent incident in Bububu Kihinani area where a mother identified as Asma Said beaten her teenage girl seriously, stripped off her clothes and threw her outside the house while naked.

“The incident ranks as domestic violence, gender and human right issue, so parents should strive not to commit these unnecessary crimes, this is violation of children and human rights in general, parents have to be aware of this and avoid causing effects to their children,” Dr Mzuri said.

She asked parents to understand clearly that the teenage stage for both girls and boys needs more patience and counseling from a cross section of actors particularly parents/guardians.

According to a media report aired by ZBC radio on July 21, 2020, commonly known as Mawio programme, the parent took the decision to punish the girl badly after the girl entered into her mother’s room and applied cosmetics/body lotion without permission.

“TAMWA Zanzibar would, therefore, like to remind the parents that acts of abuse of children are unacceptable and should be fought in all ways, these actions affect our children physically, mentally and psychologically,” Dr Mzuri said.

According to her, a 14-year-old girl is almost a grown-up child, so punishing her by stripping off her clothes wasn’t a better disciplinary measure.

“We should all together make sure that we take precaution when raising our children, there are some bad behaviours that children can show, but as a parent or guardian, they should be there to guide and lead the child in the right direction without posing harsh punishments.

Transition stage from childhood to teenage, is one of the critical moments for parents to be more awake because it is a period where children experience new changes in their bodies sometimes they fail to adapt to the changes adequately.

The association also called on security and legal bodies to work on the matter and take stern measures.

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