Use natural gas, minister tells investors and traders

13Dec 2019
The Guardian
Use natural gas, minister tells investors and traders

THE government yesterday said that although Tanzania has plenty of natural enviable gas, it was paradoxical that only a small percentage was used while investors and business people frantically used other forms of costly fossil energies.

Musa Sima

Deputy Minister of State in the Vice-President’s Office (Union and Environment) Musa Sima told a consultative meeting of government officials and private sector representatives held here: “The amount of natural gas used by industries is very small compared to the available gas. We call upon investors and business people to cooperate with Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) to build the necessary infrastructure to access and use the available gas.”

He added that use of natural gas meant a huge step towards a cleaner global energy solution, something Tanzania was expected of.

Use of natural gas would reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and protect environment, he said, adding Tanzania was obliged to contribute towards building a sustainable energy future in the world.

 “We have every reason to encourage use of our natural gas,” he emphasised.

He appealed to investors to plant trees and start tree seedling nurseries in their premises, echoing an appeal frequently made by the National Environment Management Council (NEMC).

The deputy minister used the occasion to express government’s thanks to the private sector, more so investors, for observing laws and protecting Tanzania’s environment.

NEMC Eastern Zonal manager, Eng Benjamin Mchwampaka, said NEMC would continue working closely with investors and business people in implementing and observing the Management Environment Act of 2004.

He said NEMC officials had visited over 300 industries in Coast Region. “We wanted to see if the law is observed and advise them on protection of environment.  This included urging them to use appropriate forms of energy in production,” he said.

Consultative meetings are being held in implementation of President John Magufuli’s call. The president called for such meetings to enable the private sector representatives to air their view and recommend how to improve the investment environment and build conducive climate for doing robust businesses in Tanzania.

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