Utilise youthful workforce to spur industrialisation agenda,govt urged

07Dec 2019
Daniel Semberya
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Utilise youthful workforce to spur industrialisation agenda,govt urged

THE government should fully utilise youthful workforce if is to realise its industrialisation agenda, experts have suggested.

Lilian Lihundi

They were speaking in Dar es Salaam yesterday during the Annual Youth conference that has been organised by TGNP Mtandao. The conference is themed: “Participation of the youth in leadership and fourth industrial revolution.”


TGNP’s Executive Director Lilian Lihundi said: “The youth is a crucial group expected to bring positive development for any country.”

She urged that the country can grow economically if it would only utilise youth, who are more than 60 percent of the country’s population.

“The government has the capacity of getting positive contribution of the youth on economy if there will be policies and conducive environment for this group to invest,” she noted.

Liundi said TGNP Mtandao believed that measures should be taken to empower this group to be aware on the policies and plans touching their daily lives.

“We believe on empowering the youth to be able to participate in leadership and in economic activities, would improve their good relationship with the government.”

She said it was unfortunate that many projects targeting the youth were being prepared from the beginning without fully involving the youth. And that restricts the participation of the youth in those projects.

According to Lilian, the annual youth conference was to ensure the youth are able to see the opportunities at their exposal and participate in the fourth industrial revolution.

Meanwhile, Prof Honest Ngowi of Mzumbe University, speaking on the meaning and importance of the fourth industrial revolution technology, has urged the youth to be future ready, daring and risk takers.

“You have to change to be able to go with the rapid technological changes taking place globally now. You have to be digital natives,” he urged.

He said the world was now digital, thus, youth have to be digital natives.

Prof Ngowi said that since the youth were forming a larger part of the Tanzanian population and national manpower, the government should not let it go, because it will be an opportunity lost!!

He urged them to be fast learners so as to cope with the coming fourth industrial revolution technology.

Prof Ngowi advised the youth to go for high skill jobs over repetitive/routine jobs, so as to address unemployment challenges facing them.

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