UTSS donates twenty laptops to students with albinism

30Nov 2019
Crispin Gerald
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
UTSS donates twenty laptops to students with albinism

TWENTY students with albinism from various higher learning institutions have been empowered with new laptops to promote their academic excellence as well as support them in exploring employment opportunities.

Donated by a non-governmental organisation that supports persons with albinism—Under The Same Sun (UTSS) through Vivian Grace Ash project.

Speaking to reporters yesterday in Dar es Salaam UTSS executive director Berthasia Ladislaus said the laptops were handed to first year students pursuing their studies on certificates, diploma, degree and master’s degree levels in various universities in the country.

She said that the handover of the machines went along with required training to the young students on how to use the laptops.

Berthasia said the initiative is mainly to ensure that people with albinism are getting equal social and cultural opportunity in their respective communities,” she said.

She said that through the support, a total of 73 students with albinism from various universities has benefited and they have managed to perform well in their studies.

“The laptops will also help them to easily prepare presentations, reports, research, practical training and to access online studies through literature review,” she said.

She noted that; “We believe the tools will help them in their learning process while in the university especially in this digital age where a lot of things are available in the internet.”

The director further said that the tools are also essential for them to help apply for job employment in different offices.

She reminded directors and company owners to give chance to people with albinism because they are able to perform office responsibility like normal people.

The UTSS director added that the organisation has been providing scholarships to 100 students with albinism together with supporting them with learning facilities including monocular and others.

Meanwhile, coordinator of the training Omari Mfaume said the aim of providing them with laptops is to keep them more safe from the risks of being violated when asking for laptops from friends.

He added that the initiative is part of the efforts to support people with albinism with more access to learning facility as well as regular training.

Mfaume explained that there are lot of people with albinism who missed out the opportunity to access education because of violence done to them, therefore, the support is a continuing process.

Elizabeth Senkondo a first year student pursuing computer engineering and information technology in the college of information and communication technology (CoICT) applauded UTSS for the support they gave her saying it will simplify her works earlier in the college and even after college.

She promised that she will use it effectively for her betterment adding that she will protect the tool from being stolen.

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