Veteran press photographer Mpoki Bukuku dies in motor accident

24Dec 2016
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Veteran press photographer Mpoki Bukuku dies in motor accident

FORTY-four-year-old senior photographer with The Guardian Limited Mpoki Daniel Bukuku died yesterday at the Muhimbili Orhopaedic Institute (MOI) following an accident he sustained on Thursday night at Mwenge in Dar es Salaam.


Bukuku, who was knocked by a speeding car as he was crossing Ali Hassan Mwinyi road at around 11.30pm, died at MOI as doctors tried to fight for his life.

Reports from eyewitnesses said the late Bukuku suffered two broken legs, a broken arm and three broken ribs.
In his message of condolences, The Guardian Limited Managing Director Richard Mgamba said: “We have lost an asset in the journalism fraternity.”

“To his family, they have lost a father, a husband and, above all, a true friend; but to us at The Guardian Limited, we have also lost a true friend and an asset in the journalism fraternity,” added Mgamba.

He said Bukuku was a human being just like anybody else, but in journalism he was a man who loved his profession and was not scared to fight for the good story or photograph.

That is why sometimes his quest to get the best out of the rest landed him in trouble, said Mgamba, adding: “Those who understand photojournalism will notice that courage and daring are two key factors for any credible photographer to capture the powerful story.”

He said Bukuku had these two key elements, adding that he was courageous and daring, especially when he was pursuing a big story anywhere in this country.

Mgamba said Bukuku was beaten and even tortured by enemies of free press, but still his passion to pursue the best story was not shuttered or discouraged.

“He was a journalist not by accident, but by choice, and that’s why he had intense passion in pursuing various news stories he was assigned by his editors,” the managing editor said.

Mgamba said Bukuku has finished his journey on earth, adding: “Physically he isn’t with us, but spiritually and professionally, he will be with us forever.”

“On behalf of all employees of The Guardian Limited I humbly send my condolences to Bukuku’s widow Lilian, his children and the entire media fraternity in Tanzania for the sudden and shocking death of one of our own.”

The late Bukuku, who acquired a Diploma in Journalism at the Tanzania School of Journalism (TSJ) in 1999, had also worked with Mwananchi Communications Limited and Business Times Limited before he joined The Guardian Limited.
He is survived by a widow and three children.

Meanwhile, The Guardian Limited Chief Photographer Selemani Mpochi said the late Bukuku’s family and relatives were expected to meet last night at his Tabata-Kimanga residence for funeral arrangements.