Village officials cautioned not to include public officials’households

06Jul 2020
The Guardian
Village officials cautioned not to include public officials’households

​​​​​​​WARD, Village and street officials in Shinyanga Municipality have been warned not to include public servants’ households in the Tanzania Social Action Fund III (TASAF-III) Phase II programme in the ongoing identification exercise of poor households, and instead they should only-

TASAF III Phase II Coordinator Octavina Kiwonde.

-include those targeted by the programme’s funds.

This warning was given at the weekend by TASAF III Phase II Coordinator Octavina Kiwonde at a meeting with Ward, village and street officials, stressing that when the identification exercise begins, they should only include the targeted households.

She said the previous phase for the identification of poor households was not conducted professionally and trustfully, as many public servants’ households were included, the situation she does not want repeated in the current exercise, and warned of stern measures on whoever goes against the instructions.

“Any village official who will violate te government instructions, or who will include non-existent households, I will not want to be held accountable and lose my job for the negligence, I will deal with you, go and conduct the exercise professionally and in trust, I think you very well know that the Phase V government is not the to be played with,” said Octavina.

She mentioned the criteria for the inclusion of poor household in the TASAF programme – the household that has no ability to afford three in a day, without ability to provide their children with schools’ needs and those not able to access to health services.

On their part, the village officials, including Mathias Masalu from Shinyanga Municipality promised to conduct the exercise in the manner as directed.

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