Violators of plastic bags ban face 20m/- fine

13May 2019
The Guardian Reporter
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Violators of plastic bags ban face 20m/- fine

AS the nation races towards the June 1 plastic bags ban deadline, the National Environment Management Council (NEMC) announced in Dar es Salaam yesterday that during the interim period district officials will demarcate dumping zones and it further warned that-

violators of the ban  risk a fine of up to 20m/- .

 In an interview in the city, the NEMC director general, Dr Samuel Gwamaka, said districts will allocate damping zones of plastic bags and the public will be well informed on the move.

He explained that regulations made under the Environment Act of 2004, award a 20m/- fine to a convicted importer and exporter  of banned bags; production, storage and distribution  of the bags will attract a 10m/- fine and selling of the bags will earn the seller a 10,000/- fine and person caught using the bags will be fined 30,000/-.

The DG said the public should not worry about alternative carrier bags because, he said, production of alternative bags was progressing well.  “At the moment we have 25 local industries producing paper bags and other industries producing other types of alternative bags.  Production of such bags is expected to increase in the very near future,” he assured.

He clarified that the ban excludes plastic wrap ups of medicines, wrap ups of edibles such as milk or cashew nuts or wrap ups of industrial, farm and construction products.  But, he emphasized, all such wrap ups must meet quality standards of the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS).

He said prospective investors should contact the Tanzania Investment Centre, NEMC, TBS, the Small Scale Industries Organisation (SIDO), and financial institutions.

He also said a national task force has been formed working under the Vice-President’s  Office.

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