Violence to children still rampant in Kinondoni district, official say

10Oct 2019
Crispin Gerald
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Violence to children still rampant in Kinondoni district, official say

PARENTS and guardians have been urged to openly talk to their children about all forms of violence so as to make them understand the risks within it for their development.

Save the Children coordinator for child protection and child right governance (CPCRG) Haika Harrison made the call yesterday when speaking to pupils at Changanyikeni primary school in Dar es Salaam.

Harrison said that it was high time now for the parents to change and start putting their children closer; talking to them about various things including violence cases so as to enable them fight violent actions whenever they face them thus create a violence free nation.

She also counseled the school children on how to protect themselves from ‘strange’ people by making sure that they don’t associate with them in any means.

The awareness event at the school was organised by Save the Children organisation ahead of the international day of girl child scheduled to be marked tomorrow.

She added that incidences of violence to children including raping, kidnapping, torture and others are still rampant especially in Kinondoni district, calling for parents and teachers to strengthen their parenting in order to protect their children.

“Every parent is supposed to make sure that his or her child is safe from people who lure children by offering them food, bus fair and mobile phones to communicate with them,” she explained.

For her part, adult education officer for Kinondoni district Grace Mtesigwa urged the children to respect rules and regulations at school or home so as to grow well and achieve their dreams.

The official urged adults to refrain from disturbing the children and to abuse them, saying the young generation has a lot to achieve and they need space for that.

Representative from the gender desk and children at Oyster Bay Police Force in Kinondoni said incidents of violence to children are still at alarming rate calling for parents and entire society to react immediately.

The Police officer said it is the right time to let the children understand the real situation existing in the world in order to know how to protect themselves.

She challenged the pupils to only spend the money given by their parents and avoid receiving gifts from ‘strange’ people.

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