VIP route for Mt Kilimanjaro visitors in offing -govt

15May 2020
Henry Mwangonde
The Guardian
VIP route for Mt Kilimanjaro visitors in offing -govt

​​​​​​​THE government has allocated about 200m/- during the next Financial Year (2020/2021) for the establishment of a 25-kilometre route for Very Important Persons (VIP) route who will be climbing one of the best tourist destinations—Mount Kilimanjaro.

The ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism told the National Assembly here that the work for the new route was ongoing, adding that another 230m/- had equally been allocated during the next fiscal year for the construction of new offices for receiving and offering services to all visitors as well as construction of a trail for climbing the mountain from Kidia area.

“The launching of a new route will help in hiking government revenue through local and international tourism as well as increasing economic opportunities for residents of Old Moshi East ward especially those providing tour guide services and those doing business with tourists around the area,’’ the ministry stated.

The ministry was issuing its written response in the House when answering a question posed by Special Seats MP, Ester Mmasi (CCM) who said that residents of Old Moshi ward were eagerly awaiting for the VIP route at the popular mountain. “Why the government go ahead and quench that thirsty that has been long overdue,’’ she said.

In the response, the ministry said that in collaboration with the Tanzania National Park Authority (TANAPA) it had decided to open the Kidia route that will be used by VIP visitors wishing to climb mountain Kilimanjaro.

 “Because of the importance of that route, TANAPA decided that the VIP route be incorporated into the ten-year plan dubbed General Management Plan (GMP)- 2016-2026,’’ stated the ministry.

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