VP warns young politicians against the lust for power

11Jan 2020
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VP warns young politicians against the lust for power

VICE President Samia Suluhu Hassan has cautioned young politicians who wish to contest leadership positions to be patient and desist from the lust for power as it destabilizes political parties.

Samia Suluhu Hassan

Addressing members of the CCM Youth Organisation (UVCCM) here yesterday ahead of the Zanzibar Revolution commemoration, the VP said the organisation is facing endless infightings due to members whose ambition is to get political power and nothing else.

She said despite that politicians have their eyes on political power, that expectation ought to come later after demonstrating patriotism as well as willingness and ability to serve fellow citizens.

Suluhu said compared to her days, youth of today lack patience and need to learn from seniors, hence endless conflicts over power—something she said is not  healthy not only for the young politicians but for the very political parties they claim to be building.

She acknowledged that youth wings are the furnaces that prepare future leaders but the young aspiring leaders must demonstrate discipline and perseverance to prove that they can indeed be entrusted with national leadership.

Unfortunately, for many young persons who aspire to hold political office don’t want to wait for that opportunity to come some other day in the future. They want it today, she said.

“Yes, youth wing is where future leaders are baked but you are full of conflicts because of the lust for power,” the VP declared.

She cautioned that the urge by some members to get power no matter what has led to the use of dirty tricks and backstabbing, destabilizing factors within the youth movement as a whole.

Suluhu counseled members of the wing to be united and protect the revolution with all they have.

On his part, UVCCM national chairman Kheri James said yesterday the procession from Unguja South region to Urban West region was part of youth commitment to defending the revolution.

The Zanzibar Revolution Day is a public holiday in Tanzania observed on January 12th, to mark the 1964 revolution that overthrew the Sultan following contested independence from Britain.

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