VPO to launch environment campaign across 26 regions

13Apr 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
VPO to launch environment campaign across 26 regions

​​​​​​​MINISTER of State Vice-President's Office (Union and Environment) Selemani Jafo has said his office is organising environmental campaign that will go hand in hand with competitions at various levels including tree planting, conservation and sanitation.

Speaking here yesterday during a working session with the management of his office, Jafo said the campaign will be launched by the Vice President, Dr Philip Mpango during the World Environment Day on June 5, this year with the aim of making Tanzania a role model in environmental conservation.

“This major campaign will be across all 26 regions and will cover sanitation and environmental protection in general where trophies and prizes will be given to the winners at various levels once the assessment is done and prizes will be awarded during the World Environment Day on June 5 this year,” the minister said.

According to Jafo, the campaign will also compete with cities, municipalities, town and city councils, wards and villages.

He said that in the areas of education and health, colleges, secondary and primary schools, hospitals, clinics and health centers will also compete.

“We are aware of the major transportation challenges in our schools and institutions of higher learning, prizes such as cars, motorcycles, teaching materials and computers will be provided. Also, medical equipment in the health sector including beds in emerging hospitals will be provided, "he said.

Other categories to compete include factories, mines, national parks, dumpsites, airports, bus terminals, markets, 1-5 star hotels and environmental journalists.

"I would like to express my opinion to the journalists of newspapers, television, bloggers and online to participate in this campaign and   prizes   will be given to you," he said.

Jafo reminded the people of the importance of planting environmentally friendly trees, especially those that bear fruit according to the geography of their areas with the aim of improving and enhancing their health.

He said that in the campaign, a total of 152 winners from various categories will be   given prizes including access to opportunities to visit tourist attractions including wildlife parks in the country.

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