Water resources in Kilimanjaro under scrutiny

17Apr 2016
Beatrice Philemon
Guardian On Sunday
Water resources in Kilimanjaro under scrutiny

THE Government has collaborated with a group of experts in water resources management to mastermind management scheme of the resource in Kilimanjaro Region, in a venture designed for expansion to national scale in the near future.

The Minister of Water and Irrigation, Gerson Lwenge

The Minister of Water and Irrigation Gerson Lwenge and the 2030 Water Resources Group (2030 WRG) Executive Director of Anders Berntell reached an agreement this week to launch the Kilimanjaro Water Stewardship Platform, a stage from where practical solutions to increase productivity of water for irrigation will be designed.

Describing water stewardship as necessary requisite in socio-economic development, Minister Lwenge said during inauguration of the platform in Arusha that the project would work in partnership with other organisations to meet the standards of the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) in water resource management.

AWS is the global water usage overseer organization that has authored standards in water resources management.

Lwenge commended the 2030 WRG efforts in supporting, complimenting and strengthening the government’s effort to ensure the public enjoyed access to clean as well as irrigation water.

About 20 organizations including the Pangani Basin Water Board (PBWB), Tanzania Horticulture Association (TAHA), 2030 WRG and the International Water Stewardship Programme (IWASP) have already expressed interests in joining the founding duo in the endeavour, according to 2030 WRG report availed by The Guardian on Sunday.

Onesmo Sigalla, Coordinator of the 2030 WRG’s initiatives in Tanzania said his organization would be always open for other government proposals and corporate members to join their course.

He urged business people to work alongside the public and civil societies in promoting water security saying establishment of the platform demonstrated potentials in the role of the private sector in maintaining sustainable water stewardship.