WCF pays tribute to Dr Reginald Mengi

07May 2019
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WCF pays tribute to Dr Reginald Mengi

DIRECTOR General of the Workers Compensation Fund (WCF), Masha Mshomba said yesterday that the fund will remember the Executive Chairman of IPP Group of Companies, the  late Dr Reginald Mengi for being  one among the best contributors to the fund.  

DIRECTOR General of the Workers Compensation Fund (WCF), Masha Mshomba

He said this in Morogoro region when speaking at the opening of a capacity building seminar for health workers who will be conducting evaluation of injured workers.

WCF provides for compensation for workers injured in the course of implementing their duties.

Mshomba said that during time, Dr Mengi contributed to the fund through his more than ten companies. He said that Dr Mengi was of great help to the fund since he was also convincing other employers to contribute to WCF as per country laws.

“He was among our main stakeholders contributing through more than ten companies”, said Msomba as he requested seminar participants to stand for one minute’s    silence to pay tribute to the late Dr Reginal Mengi.

According to Mshomba, the fund has embarked on a programme to educate doctors on how to conduct evaluation of injured workers before they are compensated.

Earlier, Morogoro Regional Commissioner, Dr Kebwe Stephen challenged the WCF to conduct similar educational seminars to both, employers and employees so that they are aware of their rights.

The RC said there are still a good number of workers who are not aware of the fund and its benefits.

Recent data from WCF indicated that the fund has so far paid more than 2bn/- to injured workers in the 2017/2018 fiscal year, and that more than 3bn/- will be paid in the financial year ending June this year.

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