We’ll continue providing free education to our kids: Dr Shein

08Jan 2020
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We’ll continue providing free education to our kids: Dr Shein

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein yesterday said his government will continue to provide free education and health services to its people.

Dr Ali Mohamed Shein

Dr Shein made the pledge here when speaking at the function to lay a foundation stone for construction of Ziwakije Secondary School in Pemba North Region. The event is part of events to mark the 55th anniversary of the Zanzibar revolution.

He said that his government will continue to allocate more resources on education— a sector which is key to the socio-economic development of the country.

“Providing education and health free of charge is the government agenda and anyone who would try to play with this agenda will see the consequences,” Dr Shein said.

He described free education and health services as fruits of the Zanzibar Revolution, which occurred in 1964 with the overthrow of the Sultan of Zanzibar and his mainly Arab government by local African revolutionaries.

He said that for about 300 years Zanzibar was under colonial rule, whereby education wasn’t part of rights of Zanzibaris, “but this was changed soon after the 1964 revolution.”

On September 23, 1964, the late founding father of the Isles state, Abeid Amani Karume announced free education in Zanzibar. “And what we’re doing today we’re just working on what Karume did,” the Isles leader noted, specifying that in those days there were only two schools-- Nasari (now Saateni) and Jang’ombe but now there are hundreds of schools.

He said that since he took office 48 new primary and secondary schools have been built.

 Three universities have been established in the past 20 years, he stated.

In the 2019/2020 state budget, the Zanzibar government has allocated 178.9bn/- to education. When he got took office in 2010, the budget allocation in the education sector was at 47.09bn/-.

The government will soon build three modern schools in Unguja and Pemba as well as on completing the construction of vocational training colleges in Mtambwe in Pemba and Makunduchi in Unguja. “This will make every region have a vocational training college.”

The Isles government was determined to transform people’s lives, he added, imploring islanders to support the government’s development endeavors.

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