Well-trained dogs make a significant and rapid improvement in security

07Jul 2020
James Lanka
The Guardian
Well-trained dogs make a significant and rapid improvement in security

​​​​​​​THE Inspector General of Police Simon Sirro has advised Tanzanians to invest in trained dogs because they are better and safer than a gun or alarm system; they’re trained to alert you of trouble and to discourage criminal activity;they are trained to disable the culprit if a-

-stranger ventures onto your property (on their own as well as on command) and keep them there until law enforcement arrives; they are specifically trained to deal with break-ins and they are effective as stopping or discouraging crime; they give undulate affection; act as a wonderful family companion; they can go almost anywhere with you — banks, shopping centers and parking lots; they can do thorough property searches during a home invasion scare; they make your home, office or family feel much more safe and secure; they are professionally trained to calmly handle and assess the situation; and They can remain calm AND go into protection mode on command.

Speaking here at the weekend during the inauguration of a dog wash station at the Tanzania Police School, IGP Sirro said that use of trained security dogs has proved to be more helpful since the animals can pull off tasks that human can only dream of.

For instance, he said can detect intrusion better, run faster and easily reach areas than humans cannot.

“Trained security dogs are the real deal since they don’t bargain or take bribes as humans do. They just do what they are trained to do—to provide security,” he said, adding: “So my appeal to the Tanzanians is to use special trained dogs to curb crimes and criminals.”

The top cop recommended that the government, private entities and individual citizens and residents consider this type of security and enjoy the benefits of non-compromising guard.

He added that apart from securing homes, offices and sensitive installations, trained dogs are very useful in identifying criminals’ path, various types of concealed narcotics, government trophies, bombs and hand grenades among many others.

According to IGP Sirro, if such dogs are used effectively in the country, rates of crime at homes, storage facilities, farms as well as offices will definitely fall sharply and trigger faster development of our country.

The IGP advised people from Kilimanjaro and neighbouring regions such as Arusha and Manyara to use services provided by the new facility including washing and training of dogs.

He hailed TPS-Moshi for such innovative initiative that will help the school and communities surrounding it through its services but most importantly, improved security of people and property.

Commandant of the TPS-Moshi, SACP Ramadhani Mungi said that the school will establish some other projects in collaboration with the community to enhance security and other areas of development.

He appealed to the government to continue providing the school more funds for the implementation of its various training programmes and development projects..

“We need more government support so that we can produce more competent officers. We are going to train more specialists  for horse and dog training ,” he said.

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