WHO has to appreciate JPM's efforts towards curbing covid-19

30Jun 2020
Michael Sikapundwa
The Guardian
WHO has to appreciate JPM's efforts towards curbing covid-19

Public health officials (PHO) in Morogoro region, call for World Health Organization (WHO) appreciate the efforts done by Tanzanian President John Magufuli towards curbing covid-19 since first case identified on March.

Tanzanian Cardiologist, prof Harun Elmada Nyagori gestures as to emphasize WHO to appreciate the role played by Tanzanian President John Joseph Pombe Magufuli ,in curbing covid-19, pictured today at his office in Morogoro town. Photo: Michael Sikapundwa.

Briefing The Guardian Digital today in Morogoro town, at his office namely Afya Medicare Specialized Clinic (AMSC) a  Tanzanian Cardiologist, Prof. Harun Nyagori said, president has succeeded to apply more than one measures to curb convid-19 with the target of avoiding  country's lock down.

"Apart of laboratory's scientific tests, has created people's mind set that covid-19 is around and kills so people have to take precautions in social gatherings and ask God's control through daily worshipping " he disclosed. 

He said, WHO has to reward JPM as among of few African heads of state  struggle to find covid-19 solutions even importing medicine from Madagascar with the target of rescuing his people. 

He said, president's decision against lock down has created harmony situation in the country since citizens continue with their daily production. 

"Citizens have realized covid-19 as among  safe limited diseases, that's why  take precautions of sanitizers ,avoid gatherings at  every work areas, public offices and sports centers" he said.

One of medical official  whose name in trush ,said geographical position and human daily activities are among of factors keep safe against covid-19.

"Immunities strengthen as human being encountered with virus in his daily activities ,it's  risk for those in lock down who don't engage in any activity per day " he said.