WHO says 2 billion people need clean drinking water

23Mar 2018
The Guardian Reporter
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WHO says 2 billion people need clean drinking water

The World Health Organisation has released a report from a global doctor’s body which says at least 2 billion people around the world need safe and clean drinking water.

The report is said to have been released by doctors who volunteered to help people who need healthcare around the world and called themselves doctors of the earth.

According to the World Health Organisation, 2 billion people have been forced to use polluted water as drinking water, and many others cannot access clean water necessary for maintaining a healthy life.

According to the report, an estimated 502,000 deaths occur each year from the use of contaminated waters as well as as a result of diarrhoea caused by inadequate sanitation. The report also estimates that by 2025, half of the world's population will live in areas where water access is limited.

From the report, a number of countries have benefited from water projects and that at least 120,000 people have access to clean water through provision of water wells in Chad, Kenya, Niger, Congo, DC, Somalia and Afghanistan. These are some of the countries where Earth Doctors were experiencing drought and lack of infrastructure to prevent the spread of infectious diseases caused by sanitation.

Buse Gizem Danı, Project Coordinator of the Doctors of the Earth pointed out the difficulties experienced by those who wanted to access clean water.

"In Afghanistan, children go out at 8 am to access clean water, and they cannot go to school because this journey lasts for 6 hours,” he said.

The Doctors of the Earth, who have been carrying out projects in close to 50 countries, aim to reach all countries affected by natural catastrophes.

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