Widen scope for training on public procurement -minister Dr Mpango

10Aug 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Widen scope for training on public procurement -minister Dr Mpango

​​​​​​​FINANCE and Planning minister, Dr Philip Mpango has instructed the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) to widen the scope for training on public procurement for greater achievement in the sector.

​​​​​​​FINANCE and Planning minister, Dr Philip Mpango.

Dr Mpango was speaking at the weekend during his visit to the PPRA pavilion at the ongoing Nane Nane Agricultural Exhibition held recently at national level at Nyakabindi grounds in Simiyu Region.

The minister said: “I appreciate the good work by PPRA but I would like them to widen the scope for public procurement training via the media for your services to reach many Tanzanians,” 

He said he PPRA inspection reports and appeals to them to be part of solutions to the problems that arise.

Speaking about the minister’s directives, the acting director of PPRA legal and public communications department Winifrida Samba commended Dr Mpango and promised to work on his instructions.

On Sunday, Bank of Tanzania (BoT) Governor Prof. Florens Luoga visited the pavilion and appreciated good work by PPRA and called upon it to continue with the pace and not become complacent by the praise.   

Other officials who visited the PPRA pavilion included the Simiyu Regional commissioner Anthony Mtaka, Mara Regional Commissioner Adam Malima, Meatu District Commissioner Dr Joseph Chilogani, former Simiyu Regional Administrative Secretary Jumanne Sagin, Busega District Administrative Secretary R. Rutagumirwa and Meatu District Administrative Secretary A. Rutaihwa.

Various people and stakeholders were educated and mobilised to be part of public procurement whenever they see there were signs for illicit practices.