Wildlife agency collects 28.5/- bn in 4 years

24Sep 2020
Christina Haule
The Guardian
Wildlife agency collects 28.5/- bn in 4 years

The Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) has collected some 28.5 billion over the span of the last four years (2016/20) in fines and other charges for offences like poaching.

In his media briefing, earlier today, Acting Commissioner for Wildlife Conservation TAWA, Mabula Nyanda said the collected revenue s disbursed to wildlife stakeholders for conservation purposes.

Of the said amount (28.5bn) 15.s billion will go to Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) community and 4.2 billion was distributed to villages in the vicinity of the wildlife areas. He said such distribution to the villages is important as it helps with development progammes which in turn ensures that the villages help with conservation efforts of the wildlife areas.


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