Without food security, peace and tranquility are at stake, Dr Shein

05Aug 2020
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Dar es Salaam
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Without food security, peace and tranquility are at stake, Dr Shein

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein has said without sustainable and gainful development in the agricultural sector, the existing peace and tranquility could be at stake, as the sector’s decline can have adverse effects to food security.

Dr Shein was speaking at the opening of the Nanenane Agricultural Exhibition at Langoni in West B District in Urban West Region attended by various leaders of the government and political parties including the Second Vice President Amb Seif Ali Iddi and other people.

President Shein said when food security is affected inflation erupts over the little food available, hence, he added complaints, anger, and hate will prevail as hunger gives rise to many things including people’s health and psychological effects.

He said lack of peace and tranquility erode even the development that had been attained just on how locusts devour crops in the fields.

He said the Zanzibar government, in recognition the importance of food security and nutrition and the sustainable development in agriculture, it has been implementing by deeds Act No 5 of 2011 on Zanzibar Food security and Nutrition.

He said during Financial Year 2020/21, the government has increased the budget for agriculture from 88.17bn/- for FY 2019/2020 to 129.86bn/- for 2020/2021.

He said the government has changed the Kizimbani Agricultural College to become the School for Agricultural of State university of Zanzibar (SUZA) whereas a total of 26 students continue with their First Degree in Agriculture.

He said the government has also accorded priority the issue of Blue Economy whereas as for now it has been among big sources for economic development.

Dr Shein also said the government has also revived the Zanzibar Fishing Corporation (ZAFICO) to strengthen fishing activities and push for fishing revolution in the country, stressing in deep sea fishing.

He said due to Phase VII Government efforts, seaweed farming has been improved as well as its price – from 800/- per kg to 1,800/- per kg for the ‘Cotonii’ type of the seaweed.

In regard to livestock, he said the government is developing the sector by taking various steps including education to livestock keepers, vaccination services including the purchase by the government for the production of chicken and fish feed.

In conclusion Dr shein called on Zanzibaris to continue with their long time tradition during election campaigns that were soon to start.

The Acting Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries haji Omar Keir congratulated president Shein for his idea in initiating the exhibition,

Earlier, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Mariam Abdalla Sadalla said the Exhibition slogan for this year is “Maintain Peace and Tranquility for Agricultural development.”

She said the Exhibition’s apex will be December 8 this year whereas 219 institutions have participated, surpassing last year’s figure of 172.

She called on those institutions given permanent areas for their pavilions to construct permanent structures to reduce annual preparations costs.

She said the Exhibition has been held simultaneously in Zanzibar and Pemba and has cost 71.1m/- while other private participants contributed 12.4m/-.

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