WMO appeals for more investments in weather services

11Feb 2020
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WMO appeals for more investments in weather services

​​​​​​​THE World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has urged the World Bank (WB) and other development partners to capacitate member countries to invest on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) for best provision of weather services.

WMO vice president Dr Agness Kijazi

WMO vice president Dr Agness Kijazi who is also the Director General of the Tanzania Metrological Authority (TMA) and the WMO Capacity Building Pannel chairperson made the appeal during the World Weather Services Workshop held recently in Boston, USA.

“The WB is a great partner of climate and weather issues; it is high time now for it and other stakeholders to invest in educating governments in members countries on the importance of partnerships, this will improve weather service provision for sustainable development,” she noted.

Organised by the WMO in collaborations with the World Bank’s Disaster Management Fund (DMF) and the American Meteorological Society (AMS), the forum brought together weather stakeholders from various parts as part of implementation of the WMO strategic plan and resolutions reached during the organisation’s general meeting held in June, 2019.

The symposium aimed to discuss areas of cooperation to strengthen weather service provision.

The event was opened by the assistant director of AMS, Bill Hooke, who said that due to increased demand for climate and weather services caused by the climate change impacts and weather patterns, it is essential to discuss the key areas of collaborations with private sector.

Hooke said engaging private sector is key in the production and provision of high-quality and reliable climate and weather services.

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