Women leaders in Zanzibar challenged to inspire others

25Feb 2021
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
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Women leaders in Zanzibar challenged to inspire others

WOMEN who are holding various political positions in Zanzibar were yesterday challenged to come up with a better strategy that will inspire their counterparts to follow their footsteps.

Zanzibar Minister for Information, Youth, Culture, and Sports, Tabia Maulid Mwita threw the challenge when opening eight-day training to journalists from Unguja and Pemba islands. The training has been organised by Tanzania Media Women Association (TAMWA) Zanzibar in collaboration with Zanzibar Female Lawyer Association (ZAFELA) and Pemba Environmental, Gender and Advocacy Organisation (PEGAO) through ‘Strengthening Women in Leadership Project (SWIL)’ under the sponsorship of Norwegian embassy in Tanzania.

She said that there are more women who need support from their fellows who are in top political positions. “That’s why I’m encouraging women leaders to come up with better ways of assisting those who are in need,” the minister said.

Tabia also urged women not to give up on the humiliating challenges, saying: “For a woman to be a leader there are many things you will go through.”

 “I have personally gone through challenges that I cannot even mention here, but today I have seen my potential and finally I’m a minister,” he added.

She however urged participants to use the training effectively including unveiling and documenting challenges that thwarts women’s development in the society.

TAMWA-Zanzibar Director, Dr Mzuri Issa said the training for journalists will bring change and be a catalyst for participants.

She said: “Media practitioners are key people in the society, who are being trusted and that is why we’ve seen the need to train them in a specific strategy that aims to encourage more women to decision-making positions.”

However, she said there was a need for society to focus on the rights and responsibilities of every woman and to realise that leadership positions should not be limited to men.

ZAFELA Director Jamila Mahmoud said through the project which will be implemented in various parts of Unguja and Pemba and will benefit 600 women.

She said that the women through the four-year project will go on and hold different leadership positions at various levels.

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