Women tasked to explore business opportunities for their advancement

18Jun 2019
Crispin Gerald
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Women tasked to explore business opportunities for their advancement

INVESTMENT Minister Angela Kairuki has tasked women in the country to explore opportunities available in the budget estimates tabled last week to spur their businesses.

INVESTMENT Minister Angela Kairuki.

She said the recent tabled budget has opened up various opportunities in the businesses by scrapping nuisance taxes and tariffs which were a burden to traders.

Kairuki made the remarks to women entrepreneurs yesterday in Dar es Salaam during a breakfast meeting on public-private partnership for skills development in Tanzania that was organised by the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF).

The dialogue brought together more than 100 women from across the country, government leaders and staff from TCCIA, bout   improving the business environment by addressing the challenges facing them.

She said the government decision to scrap about 54 taxes is to create friendly environment for businesses operations  for  traders especially women.

The minister explained that his office in collaboration with the ministry of industry and trade is also in the process to review other taxes and tariffs which are uncomfortable to traders in order to see the possibility of scrapping them. 

According to Kairuki, in order to facilitate implementation of the blue print for businesses scheduled for July this year, the government will present a bill in the parliament to have a regulatory framework for smooth operations of the strategy.

“We will also convey a meeting with the ministry of industry and trade, together with TIC and responsible institutions to take you through various opportunities available for businesses together with charting  easiest ways of doing businesses,” she promised.

She added that, her office is in talks with various financial institutions including NMB Bank, CRDB Bank, NBC, TPB Bank and others, to see how they can soften conditions for accessing  loans from the institutions.

She urged women to work hard and to embrace the character of unity, peace and love in order to have  uniform decisions in conducting their businesses.  

For her part, a representative of women producers from TPSF Fatma Kange said the focus of the dialogue was to bring women entrepreneurs from across the country to identify various setbacks facing them to chart   strategies   for addressing them.

“But also we aim to form a joint platform that will serve as a foundation for addressing the challenges facing women entrepreneurs in order to become  billionaires,” she said.

Kange explained that, women platform has determined to produce about 20 women billionaires out of 100 billionaires that President Magufuli wishes to produce.

Representing the chairman of the TPSF, Octavian Mshiu applauded the government decision to remove nuisance taxes and tariffs imposed to traders, saying the move is a great opportunity for women to prosper.

He urged women entrepreneurs to enhance collaboration among them in order to have one say and focus that will help to get what they plan to achieve, but also to get what they demand from the government.

Mshiu who is also a vice-president for Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (TCCIA) told women to use the available opportunities to expand the volume of their businesses. 

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