Works minister instructs 4bn/- to be set aside for Bridge construction

12Aug 2020
The Guardian
Works minister instructs 4bn/- to be set aside for Bridge construction

​​​​​​​WORKS, Transport and Communications Minister Isack Kamwelwe has instructed Tanzania Roads Fund Board to allocate 4bn/- to the Tanzania Roads Agency (TANROADS) in Morogoro Region for the construction of Kiegeya Bridge along the Morogoro-Dodoma highway that was swept away by floods.

​​​​​​​WORKS, Transport and Communications Minister Isack Kamwelwe.

The minister issued the instructions during his visit at the bridge site where he inspected the ongoing construction of the road diversion and preparations for the Mkange Kiegeya Road swept away by floods since March 2 this year, greatly disrupting road traffic between Dodoma and Morogoro as well as economic activities.

“I am instructing the road fund board to sit again to allocate the amount so that the bridge’s construction starts immediately, we want the work to be completed come December this year,” he said.

He said the work should be done through direct labour by TANROADS by utilising experts from various companies.

“For example, we have acquired an expert for survey work named Frank Pail, and since all procedures have been finalised, I direct the Agency to let him begin work as from Monday this week and when I come here next week I would like to see him here with his equipment. Her promised he would finish work within two weeks after which Umoja Contractors who are building the Ludewa-Kilos Road will come, said Kamwelwe.

In regard to the road diversion, he said the three initial layers of the road were complete and what remains was the top tarmac layer.

TANROADS Manager for Morogoro Region Nkolate Ntije explained how prepared they were for the bridge construction adding that they have already communicated with Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) to shift their electric transformer close to the construction site.

He said there were also other equipment that will be brought to the site by various contractors after the current equipment used by initial contractors are taken away.

When at Magole area where President John Magufuli promised its residents to provide 100m/- for the construction of business stalls, Minister Kamwelwe said the work would start immediately.

"I want the work to be done trustfully…the 100m/- should not enter into the pockets of some people, I will be passing here often to ensure that does not happen,” he said.