World Bank-funded project to renovate Dar fish market

26Nov 2020
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
World Bank-funded project to renovate Dar fish market

WORLD Bank funded South-West Indian Ocean fisheries governance and shared growth project (SWIOFish) is set to refurbish the Dar es Salaam’s Ferry Fish Market so as to cope with the increasing population and standards.

The market was designed to accommodate between 1,500 and 3,000 fishers, traders and customers, but the number has skyrocketed to over 12,000 people—four times the estimated number.

The market refurbishment is part of the implementation of the six-year project, which is aimed at improving the management effectiveness of selected priority fisheries at the regional, national and community level.

The project is implemented jointly by mainland Tanzania’s ministry of Livestock and Fisheries (MLF), Zanzibar’s Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources, Livestock and Fisheries and Deep Sea Fishing Authority (DSFA).

Despite its importance, Ferry Fish Market is in an appalling situation, whereby some of the market infrastructure—drainage system fails to accommodate waste generated at the facility.

“That’s why SWIOFish project came up with the idea of revamping the market so that it remains with the same status,” said Ezra Mutagwaba, acting director of fisheries in the ministry of Livestock and Fisheries.

“So far, a consultant is conducting a design study for the rehabilitation of Ferry Fish Market,” said Dr Nichrous Mlalila, coordinator of SWIOFish when presenting a progress report of the project to the media practitioners in Dar es Salaam recently.

“The consultant has submitted the final design, environmental issues, environmental and social management plan (ESMP), and temporary relocation plan for the project to kick off,” he said.

However, he said: “The World Bank demands comprehensive reports on and effects of reallocation of the communities working in the market, temporary reallocation plan.”

Additionally, he said that the waste management systems were recommended to be improved in the design for approval.

“The ESMP and temporary relocation plan reports have been submitted to the WB waiting for approval,” he said. 

He also unveiled that through the project, a national mariculture resource centre at University of Dar es Salaam, Kunduchi Campus.

“The process to procure the consultant to design the centre failed for almost two years due to large tendered budgets above the allocated budget for the design.”

He said: “The ministry requested the World Bank to change the budget cost from consultancy services to operational costs and to use the public expertise to design the centre.”

The World Bank recommended for memorandum of understanding and to establish control measures.

The ministry has formed a taskforce from public institutions which is led by Tanzania Building Agency (TBA) to design the centre.

The memorandum of understanding has been developed and submitted to the World Bank for no objection.

TBA has agreed to design and supervise in collaboration with other institutions.