Youth handed 30-yrs sentence for rape of Standard Six pupil

27Nov 2020
The Guardian
Youth handed 30-yrs sentence for rape of Standard Six pupil

​​​​​​​A 20- year old youth found guilty of statutory rape and impregnating a standard six pupil was yesterday sentenced to 30 years in prison by the Geita district court.

Handing out the verdict, senior resident magistrate Samwel Maweda said the prosecution proved beyond reasonable doubt that Kasonoko Emmanuel, resident of Chibingo village of Geita District in Geita Region, committed the offence.

The punishment would serve as a lesson to the convict and other men who lure young girls into acts of sexual relationships, he said.

 ‘Statutory rape’ is non-forcible sexual activity in which one of the individuals is below the age of consent which is 18 in Tanzania and many other countries.

Maweda said prosecution led by state attorney Clemence Kato adduced in court four witnesses and three exhibits which implicated and finally proved that Emmanuel committed those acts.

The convict had on diverse dates between February and June this year,enticed the girl and finally had his way and the two proceeded to have sexual relations several times in the bush, the magistrate surmised.

Earlier, the court heard that the secret came out recently when parents of the girl (names withheld) realized that their daughter’s tummy was unusually protruding and when they took her to a health facility, the pregnancy test came out positive.

The parents then took the girl to task—wanting to know who was responsible. That is when the girl named Emmanuel, confessing that the statutory rape took place not once but several times, the court heard. Read More...