Z’bar frees 29 inmates

15Jan 2022
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Z’bar frees 29 inmates

​​​​​​​ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi has pardoned 29 prisoners who were serving various sentences at different correctional facilities in Unguja and Pemba, an act of clemency to mark 58 years of the Zanzibar Revolution.

Zena Ahmed Said, secretary to the Revolutionary Council and Chief Secretary, said in a statement that the pardon was based on the powers vested in the President under Article 59 of the Zanzibar Constitution.

President Mwinyi ordered that prisoners who benefited from the pardon are deemed to be free effectively from January 11, 2022.

Unguja beneficiaries include Vuai Juma Makame, Abdalla Juma Abdalla, Mrisho Moh’d Mrisho, Vuai Matogo Vuai, Said Rashid Khamis, Foti Joseph Magingi, Vuai Hassan Moh’d, Juma Omar Risasi, Omar Ali Omar, Abdalla Malik Moh’d, Mohamed Khamis Mohamed, Makame Mdungi Makame, Amar Shukuru Hamad, Sadam Hussein Tajo, Khalfan Mzaka Khalfan and Abdalla Moh’d Marijani.

Pemba beneficiaries were listed as Suleiman Khamis Suleiman, Moh’d Rajab Hamad, Hafidh Ali Abdalla, Yusuf Shaib Juma, Ali Bakari Suleiman, Omar Juma Ali, Abdalla Omar Suleiman, Twahiru Muhsin Salim, Sultan Hassan Khatib, Ramadhan Hassan Soud, Haji Omar Haji, Hashim Moh’d Khamis and Khamis Sheha Idd.

The official pardon, issued annually in marking the revolution, includes aged prisoners, those who are chronically ill, had minor offences and are left with marginal time to serve their jail terms, showing good discipline and regretting their mistakes.

Prisoners with offenses such as intentional murder, armed robbery, theft of public properties, offenses against women and children, drug offenses and those with many offences are not pardoned, officials said.