Z’bar plans 9 development projects in FY 2021/22

11Jun 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Z’bar plans 9 development projects in FY 2021/22

THE Zanzibar Minister of State in the President’s Office (Finance and Planning), Jamali Kassim Ali has said the government plans to implement nine development projects in collaboration with the private sector including the construction of drugs factory in FY 2021/22.

Jamali was speaking as he was tabling his speech on the state of the economy and development plans for 2021 at the Third House of Representatives Meeting in Zanzibar yesterday.

The minister said that to enhance the public-private sector concept, the government plans for joint-venture investment in building low cost housing, construction of processing factories for fish, seaweed, and horticultural products.

“Hon Speaker, the private sector has great contribution in enhancing economic growth and that is why the government is planning to establish fish farms and construction of drugs factories,” he said.

Speaking on factories to be implemented by the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in the coming financial year, he said the government plans to develop Zanzibar Commercial Centre and International Trade Exhibition at the new Nyamazi town, the construction of markets and bus station at Chuini, Kwanyanya, Jumbi, Mkokotoni, Machomane and Ng’ombeni.

The minister named other projects as the building of colleges’ hostels for students and the construction of fish processing factories in collaboration with the private sector.

He said four projects are expected to be implemented from funds to be provided by development partners, including the construction of 300 classrooms for primary and secondary schools, building of three modern secondary schools in Unguja Urban West and North regions as well as Pemba North Region.

He said the government also plans to build five secondary schools at Bumbwini, Chukwani, Donge, Mfikiwa and Muambe areas as well as science 11 secondary schools,” said Jamali.

He said the government also plans to develop its programme to revamp its airports including runways and parking areas, modern equipment for clearing goods and passengers, construction of an airport at Kigunda, installation of landing lights for the aircraft control systems.

He said to implement this programme the government is to spend 10bn/- in FY 2021/2022.

He said in the budget’s planning for FY 2021/2022, the government will continue to strengthen education, health and community development, primary education infrastructures and good governance.

He said in the coming financial year, the government plans to collect 1.845.6trn/-, including 1.214.9trn/- from internal sources and 303bn/- from development partners, 312bn/- internal loans and 15.7bn from local councils’ revenues.

However, he said the Isles GDP for the coming financial year is expected to grow at an average of 3.5 per cent per year based on expected increase in development activities, including the initiation of huge projects.

In regard to the development of the blue economy, Jamali said this involves sustainable utilisation of the sea and its resources, including environmental protection for social and economic growth.

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