Z’bar VP calls for farmers’ compensation to establish projects

07Apr 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Z’bar VP calls for farmers’ compensation to establish projects

ZANZIBAR Second Vice President Hemed Suleiman Abdulla has assured Zanzibaris and farmers in agricultural projects that the government was serious to compensate for their property to enable the projects benefit them as well as the government and also for more sustainable projects.

Speaking yesterday to residents and farmers of Dodo village in Chambani constituency, Suleiman said after inspecting the huge irrigation farming project, the government Chief Valuer had begun the process to ensure people were compensated.

However, he called on Dodo residents not to hesitate to report on any challenges that arise in regard to the project including those wanting be compensated whilst they are unqualified for such compensation.

Hemed said the government had good intention to improve the lives of Zanzibaris and that is why it came up with major agricultural projects.

He also called top officials in the Ministry of Agriculture through its engineers to speed up the irrigation project that was supposed to take off since early 2019.

He also called on project’s engineers to provide employment opportunities to the youth from villages surrounding the project, for the jobs that do not require expertise.

Speaking to nearby Chokocho villagers engaged in seaweed growing the Second Vice President said they ensure they get the right income for the work they do in developing seaweed growing.

Submitting his report on local government activities in Mkoani Region for the period July 2020 to March this year, Chambani District Commissioner Issa Juma Issa said social services has reached the people by more than 80 per cent.

He however said there were still big challenges including incidents of gender based violence and child abuse as well drop in examination pass marks in secondary schools, even though there have been increase pass marks increase in regard to primary schools.

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