Z’bar wages rise by 15pc to 19pc

09May 2022
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Z’bar wages rise by 15pc to 19pc

​​​​​​​ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi has announced salary increases to public servants for fiscal 2022/2023, in an address for the local apex of World Labour Day yesterday at Maisara grounds in Unguja.

Zanzibar President Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi.

The salary increase will be pegged to qualifications and work experience, he said, noting that the wage increase will contribute to strengthening their ability to cope with price shifts that affect the standard of living.

The government has set aside 12.7bn/- per month, totaling 153bn/- for the financial year to implement the salary increase exercise, where the minimum wage rises from 300,000/- to 347,000/-, a 15.6 per cent uplift.

Recruits with certificate level in social studies will now be paid 382,000/- instead of 321,000/-, amounting to a 19 per cent increase, he stated, asserting that the government had departed from the habit of blanket increases of wages for all regardless of the years one has worked.

Salary increases will reflect educational qualifications and the period one has worked, he said, emphasizing that the government will ensure that public servants get their dues on time, along with improving work facilities.

“These changes seek to express more explicitly the responsibilities of public servants, strengthen their rights and benefits during their period of serving the public,” he stated, pledging that public servants’ benefits will continue being improved in accordance with the country’s economic ability

The government expects to employ 5,936 new workers in the next financial year in various sectors, for which 24.6bn/- is earmarked in fiscal 2022/23 budget estimates for the exercise, he said.

There was still a big problem in having experienced staff in the public service, leading to dismal –performance in development projects and in the work of public institutions, the president intoned.

Khamis Mwinyi, secretary for the Zanzibar Trade Union Association, said a number of government workers who were shifted to local governments are yet to be paid their benefits. Those serving the government for less than 10 years face challenges to receive their pensions after retirement, he said.

He said that presidential appointees do not task themselves with these challenges, some being rude when workers refer their problems to them, he observed.

Wellington Chibebe, the ILO representative in East Africa, praised the Zanzibar government for its work to end child labour, ensuring that the children are sent back to school.

He praised government efforts to create a better working environment to ensure decent work and enhanced productivity at work.

Zanzibar postponed marking International Labour Day to make room for Zanzibaris to finish the fasting and prepare for Eid el Fitr at the end of the month of Ramadan.

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