Zantel adds two more networks

02Nov 2018
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Zantel adds two more networks

ZANZIBAR Telecoms Limited (Zantel) through its mobile money platform—Ezypesa has added two more networks to allow its customers to send and receive money to and from Tigopesa, Halopesa, M-Pesa and Airtel money users.

The move is part of the telecom company to keep up with technological advancements of mobile money services and comply with regulations.

Head of Zantel Zanzibar, Mohammed Khamis Mussa said: “Our industry keeps evolving at a very high pace and we at Zantel always thrive to keep up with all the technological advancements, all these efforts are meant to give our customers the absolute best services and increase accessibility of our services including Ezypesa”.

Mussa asserted that the company has been working on the matter for a while and it has finally completed all the required processes. He said Zantel customers across the country can now receive money from other mobile money networks.

In this light, he said that Zantel recently partnered with 11 banks to allow Ezypesa users to do interbank transactions from wallet to bank and bank to wallet.

The banks in question include PBZ, CRDB, NBC, NMB, Amana Bank, Equity Bank, BOA, Barclays, Exim, Access Bank and PBZ Islamic.

He noted that apart from wallet to bank transactions, earlier last month Ezypesa added Masterpass QR under its belt, which means Ezypesa users can now make payments in eateries, department stores, hotels, supermarkets and more via Masterpass QR.

“Our goal is to make life easy with Ezypesa, this is why we have joined forces with various commercial partners to make sure that our customers have more options when it comes to mobile financial services, and by doing this, we are contributing to bridging the gap in financial inclusion in the country,” said Mussa.

He said with Ezypesa, customers can also make government payments like TRA and police penalties. He said Ezypesa is the only mobile financial platform in Tanzania with which one can pay the Zanzibar Revenue Board (ZRB) and buy electricity in Zanzibar.

“Zantel’s Ezypesa has not only made lives easy for customers alone but has also created active direct and indirect employment throughout the country. There are more than 2500 agents who operate actively across Tanzania”, said Mussa.

Mussa hinted that there are more remarkable things that Zantel has in store for Ezypesa customers which will be unveiled in the near future. He said that experts in mobile financial services at Zantel are working hard to develop more financial solutions to add value to its mobile money platform.