Zanzibar VP for more Tanga port marketing

27Sep 2021
The Guardian
Zanzibar VP for more Tanga port marketing

​​​​​​​ZANZIBAR Second Vice President Hemed Suleiman Abdulla has directed the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) to intensively market the port of Tanga regionally and abroad as it is soon expected to start handling big ships.

Zanzibar Second Vice President Hemed Suleiman Abdulla.

Following major expansion and improvements at the port, investment in marketing is required to attract more traders to use the port, he said, inspecting continuing improvements at the port, being carried out by China Harbour Engineering Co. (CHEC).

He urged TPA director general Eric Hamisi to set out strategies to ensure that the port starts producing positive outcomes following those improvements.

He said the government injected 400bn/- for port expansion and improvement works so as to revive the port and stimulate the Isles and Mainland economy. The port management was yet to take up marketing strategies to pull more businessmen to use the port.

As the government has injected billions towards port improvement we need to see positive impacts of using the funds. The port has potential jot just for Tanga region but the Isles, northern zone regions and East African countries, he stated.

“So you should consult marketing and finance departments to make sure this port is well promoted internationally while intended improvements are on their final stages,” he said.

Advertising the port must include promotional prices for handling ships and cargoes for at least one year and a conducive environment for business people. They must be convinced to pay tax as laid out in the law, he emphasised.

Responding, the TPA CEO acknowledged that the port authority doesn’t have advertisement strategies for the port following improvements, pledging to consult stakeholders and also involve Tanzanian embassies abroad.

In collaboration with embassies, the management seeks to establish offices, advertise through presentations, brochures and flyers on what Tanga port offers, he stated.

CHEC project manager Lyu Wei said construction work is set out in two phases, with phase one which cost 172bn/- ending May 2020. It included dredging of depth of berths, landing port equipment and conducting navigational surveys.

The on-going second phase billed at 256bn/-, involves soft soil and ground treatment, deep water harbor facility, along with furniture and quay works,  pavements, service facility as well as water and power supply.

After dredging, the turning channel will enable big ships to anchor at dockyards about 200 meters from two kilometers out, and berths dredging increased the depths from four to seven meter depth to 13 to 15 meters. A mobile harbour crane and rubber tyred gentry are expected to arrive by the year’s end, he said.

Port manager Donald Ngaile said that completion of renovations will help decongest the larger port of Dar es Salaam, cut costs of double handling by 40 per cent, and increase handling of goods to three million tonnes annually from 700,000 tonnes at present. The changes will reduce fuel consumption by tug boats, he added.+

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