Zanzibar to establish own construction company

15Nov 2019
The Guardian Reporter
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Zanzibar to establish own construction company

THE Zanzibar government plans to establish a construction company that will incorporate all its defense units in order to minimize construction costs of public buildings.

Seif Idi

The government says the normal practice of using foreign companies in construction of government buildings has to be avoided as it imposes huge construction costs.

Speaking after the end of his inspection visit of development projects in Zanzibar North Region, Zanzibar’s Second Vice president Amb Seif Idi said there is evidence on how SMZ units are well accountable whenever they are given construction tenders.

Amb Idi said engineers of the SMZ units need to be congratulated for their patriotism that made them trusted when given government tenders.

He said the government decided to construct permanent houses instead of giving money to wananchi as compensation that would have ended for other uses.

The Head of construction project for the people in Dundua in Zanzibar North Region Hawa Natepe said the project involves 31 houses supervised by Zanzibar Oil Regulatory Authority (ZURA).

The projects inspected by the Amb includes the construction of Oil and Gas Jetty at Dundua and reservoir for clean water at Kitope Village.

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