Zanzibar in great strides to develop water sector

07Jan 2020
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Zanzibar in great strides to develop water sector

ZANZIBAR is making great efforts to develop clean and safe water projects and soon challenges facing these projects will be history.

Zanzibar President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein made this pledge during a ceremony to inaugurate the Zanzibar Water and Sanitation Project (ZUWSP –ADF 12) at Saateni as part of events to mark 56 years of the Zanzibar Revolution.

Dr Shein said the seventh phase government has embarked on major projects for water development and expressed the hope that these will be further developed by coming administrations.

He said clean and safe water services before the revolution were being offered by discrimination despite that water is God-given.

During those years the principal social services were only given to dwellers of Stone Town, the old city or Mjimkongwe, he stated.

Development partners including Ras al Khaimah, Sharja, Japan, China, India and others had extended support in developing the water sector in Zanzibar, he stated.

Zanzibar has a long history in ensuring clean water services, as in the past ships used to come to Zanzibar to take water. As the population of Zanzibar increased water availability started to dwindle but efforts by the government in sourcing for funds for clean and safe water projects culminated in securing a total of USD 268 million for the projects, Dr Shein elaborated.

He praised the Minister for Water and his team for managing various water projects that ensured the people of Zanzibar get clean and safe water at all times, urging people not to get their homes connected to water services without following laid down procedures.

He stressed that water services are free but whenever the government calls for contribution to run the sector people are expected to do so as the government has good intentions for the people.

He also called upon Zanzibaris to protect all water sources as many of them have been invaded by people building houses, citing the case of the Mwanyanya area.

He also directed the Zanzibar Water Authority (ZAWA) to increase water experts for the construction of new water infrastructures. These experts should train water officials on how to manage the water sector, he added.

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