Zanzibar launches campaign to promote oyster aquaculture

23Nov 2018
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Zanzibar launches campaign to promote oyster aquaculture

ZANZIBAR is planning to come up with a campaign to promote oyster aquaculture (oyster fish farming) to improve fishermen income and lives in the Indian Ocean archipelago.

Isles’ minister for Trade and Industries, Ambassador Amina Salum Ali said this yesterday here while briefing reporters on the Zanzibar’s 9th Business Forum scheduled from tomorrow.


He said that the campaign will involve training and equipping fishermen with modern fishing tools which will enable them harvest more fish than it is with the old fishing methods.


“We want to put more emphasis to encourage fishermen to shift from old ways of harvesting fish to oyster fish farming which more payable…We want them to cultivate to get oyster fish and not putting tools just to try their lucky to catch the fish ,” she said.


According to the minister, sea produce had got huge market worldwide especially in China where oyster fish are on high demand.


 Ally further highlighted that most of the local fishermen were practicing their fishing activities in lower water depth thus ending up gaining nothing with their income continued to decline.


“Under the programme,we will ensure that our fishermen are well knowledgeable and they have the entire modern tools to enable them to fish in deep sea,” she added.


The minister called on young people, entrepreneurs, traders and fishermen to participate in the forum for them to learn from expertise and share experiences with various participants.


The forum will bring together stakeholder and experts from both public and private sectors to discuss economic and employment opportunities available in agriculture, fisheries, tourism and industrial sectors in which young people can venture into to improve their income.



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