Zanzibar unveils strategies to fight against epidemic diseases

05Dec 2018
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Dar es Salaam
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Zanzibar unveils strategies to fight against epidemic diseases

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein has unveiled strategies to fight against epidemic diseases such as cholera, which has huge impact in the Isles’s development.

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein

He said this yesterday when he met and held talks with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) country representative Maniza Zaman at State House.


Along with her was Maha Damaj, the newly appointed head of UNICEF in Zanzibar.


According to him, among the major efforts which the government was undertaking included constructing and improving drainage systems to fight floods that usually lead to epidemic diseases.


“The government has also investment much of its efforts in educating the public on hygiene measures as well as in maternal and child health,” he said.


He commended UNICEF for its continued efforts to support social welfare of the people in the Isles.


“We also recommend the implementation of the Zanzibar Joint Programme (ZIP) which also involves all UN agencies. The programme among other issues, will contribute towards meeting the goals set in the SDGs, the African Union Agenda 2063, Zanzibar’s Vision 2020, MKUZA III as well as other national strategic development plans,” he added.


He reiterated the government’s commitment to work closely and productively with the UN agencies to ensure that they collaboratively achieve the mission and vision to improve the well- being of the people of Zanzibar and the United Republic of Tanzania in general.


On her part, Zaman commended efforts being made by the government in ensuring that women and children’s rights are protected.


She pointed out that the UN agency has been also undertaking a number of projects to fight maternal and child deaths and Gender Based Violence (GBV) among others.


Dr Shein also met and held talks with the newly appointed country representative of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Tanzania Dr Tigest Ketsela Mengestu.


He acknowledged contribution which WHO has been providing to support Zanzibar’s development efforts.


“We real commend WHO for its commitment in supporting our development initiatives. The organisation has been with us for years extending its aids to support the fight against epidemic diseases including cholera,” he attributed.


Speaking, Dr Mengestu applauded the Isles government for its efforts in pushing forward development of the Indian Ocean Archipelago vowing to continue support the country’s efforts to strengthen health sector.


She also commended the Isles’ government for winning the war against malaria saying that the move has been a lesson to many countries.





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