Zanzibar vows to reinforce relations with Brazil

08May 2019
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Zanzibar vows to reinforce relations with Brazil

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein yesterday met and held talks with the ambassador of Brazil Antonio Augusto Cesar vowing to continue strengthening relationship between the two nations.

Speaking during the meeting at the Zanzibar State House, Dr Shein said that the two nations have been cooperating in various economic and social development issues for over 50 years insisting that the long historical ties should be maintained and honoured for mutual benefits.

He explained how Zanzibar has been blessed with plenty of resources thus calling upon investors from Brazil to come and grab a number of opportunities available in the Indian Ocean archipelago.

“The Isles government is well prepared and determined to market well its attractions and investments opportunities to enable more investors from Brazil to seize them for mutual benefits,” he added.

He added” As we work to cement our relationship, we should also consider strengthening our businesses, tourism and cultural relations for the benefits of residents of the countries…,” Dr Shein told the envoy.

For his part, ambassador Cesar hinted on the note that his government will continue working closely with the Tanzania government, strengthen ties economically, socially and politically.

The envoy said that he is going to work to ensure that the two countries’ relations flourishes and brings more positive impacts.

According to him, the already established relations have enabled more interactions among the peoples of the countries in sharing skills and experiences towards exploitation of available opportunities for sustainable development.

“We need to strengthen relation in tourism sector saying that Zanzibar has been blessed with a number of attractions and opportunities …I will do my best to encourage and bring more investors from Brazil,” he said.

Abdulsamad  Abdulrahman, the Brazil’s honorary consul in Zanzibar said that later next month at least 37 youths from Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland will travel to Brazil to attend a ten-day trade conference.

According to him, during the conference, the group will be able to learn and grab new skills and knowledge from their fellow on how to improve their business.

“The young Tanzanians will also get opportunity to visit various major cities such as Brasilia, Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. While in these cities, the group will get chance to visit small-scale industries of poultry, meat processing as well as oil and gas companies,” he added.

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