Zanzibar welcomes Chinese investors

23Jan 2018
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Zanzibar welcomes Chinese investors

 ZANZIBAR government has welcomed the Chinese investors to venture into investment projects in the Indian Ocean archipelago.

Ayoub Mohammed Mahmoud.

Isles’ Urban-West Regional Commissioner, Ayoub Mohammed Mahmoud made the call yesterday when he met with a delegation of Chinese investors from China’s Yangzhou Province at West ‘B’ district offices.

The RC insisted that Zanzibar has a number of untapped investment potentials.

Mahmoud informed that there are some projects which can be shared by locals and Chinese investors.


He added: “There are many investment potentials in Zanzibar; opportunities are available in the agriculture, fisheries, industries, tourism and infrastructure sectors”.


He said investing in infrastructures will apart from facilitating smooth transportation services to the locals help investors to move across the Isles and transport their commodities.


The RC noted that establishment of investment projects will help reduce problems of unemployment as more youth will get jobs.


“We have a number of investment opportunities…we have opened doors for both, local and foreign investors for the benefit of Tanzanians,” he said.


Yangzhou Province Deputy Councilor, Genzhi Yong said they have been impressed with the way Zanzibar has prepared a good investment environment.


Yong noted that when back home, they will meet with other stakeholders to discuss and decide on the areas to invest.


“We are just a part of many Chinese investors, we will give them feedback basing on the few areas we visited before deciding the kind of projects we will undertake,” said the deputy councilor.


The meeting was attended by government officials from various institutions including the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA).


According to ZIPA, Zanzibar government plans to construct a satellite city and modern road infrastructures.

China–Tanzania relations refer to the foreign relations between China and Tanzania. China established diplomatic relations with Tanganyika and Zanzibar on December 9, 1961, and December 11, 1963, respectively.


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