Z'bar leader meets US, French, Swiss envoys

28Apr 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Z'bar leader meets US, French, Swiss envoys

​​​​​​​ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Mwinyi has hailed ambassadors from the United States, France and Switzerland for their commitment to continue supporting the Isles’s development initiatives.

Dr Mwinyi made the remarks yesterday in different meetings with ambassadors at the Zanzibar State House, holding talks with US ambassador Dr Donald Wright, Ambassador Frederic Clavier of France and Switzerland envoy Didier Chassot.

A State House statement said that the envoys commended Dr Mwinyi for his leadership and promised to continue cementing relations and help to bolster the country’s development, expressing high hopes in Zanzibar's economic, political and social development under the leadership of President Dr Mwinyi.

In conversations with Dr Wright, the president commended US’ government commitments especially in strengthening the Isles health sector.

Strengthening the health sector is a key priority for the government of Zanzibar, he said, welcoming investors from different parts of the world to take up opportunities in various areas including tourism.

Ambassador Wright said the US was ready to bring investors and strengthen business collaboration with Zanzibar, assuring the president that the US government shall maintain close ties in health, investments, trade and others.

Ambassador Clavier said France would continue supporting Zanzibar in its strategy to boost the blue economy, while Dr Mwinyi commended France for its commitment. Zanzibar will continue working with the embassy to achieve intended goals, he said.

“We are taking several initiatives to transform Zanzibar’s economy which includes making Pemba a special investment zone. This will involve building supportive infrastructures on the island,” Dr Mwinyi said.

Ambassador Chassot also vowed to strengthen bilateral relations and widen collaborations for mutual interests, commending Zanzibar for its ongoing development initiatives.

He promised that Switzerland will continue supporting the Isles in various areas including economic empowerment, capacity building and training for youth so as to promote creativity and self-reliance.

“We will also support Zanzibar to improve health insurance services as well as contribute more in facilitating the fight against corruption and economic sabotage,” the envoy added.

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