ZOLA to reward best performing students in Ilala district

09Mar 2020
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
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ZOLA to reward best performing students in Ilala district

ZOLA Electric Tanzania, formerly Mpower, pledged to award solar gadgets to best performing students in this year’s national Form Four examination from Ilala district in Dar es Salaam region through an on-going company’s campaign—‘Bukua na Ushinde’.

The company's managing director, Yusuph Nassoro, said over the weekend in Dar es Salaam, that the strategy was aimed at stimulating the motivation of students in schools to study hard and pass their exams especially those from areas with electricity challenges.

He said the move supports the community and the government towards improving the country’s education sector.

“Our company believes that education is the key to life and education can be accelerated, that is why we have come up with a plan to motivate students in schools, especially in areas facing power challenges”, said Nassoro.

He said students who will enter the top 10 in the nation's Form Four examination will be awarded solar power accessories and three successful students who will enter top 3, their families will be connected to free solar along with access to modern energy-efficient devices from ZOLA.

Apart from education, the solar power firm vowed to continue supporting other sectors in the community including health.

Ilala Municipal Mayor, Omari Kumbilamoto, commended Zola’s initiatives aimed at improving education sector by providing incentives to students.

“This support will help transform education as it will make students study hard, hence scale up performance in the district” he said.

He urged students to continue taking advantage of the various opportunities to achieve success and realize their dreams.

He ended up calling on other enterprises to support social services that are focused on bringing change in line with developing businesses that stimulate employment and self-employment, as ZOLA electric company.

Zola Electric, formerly known as Mpower, designs and delivers the most trusted power solutions that enable clean, affordable and reliable electricity anywhere. The company started operations in Tanzania in 2012, now emerged as number one champion amongst other renewable companies with market share of 48 per cent.

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