Parent in soup for ‘stopping daughter from sitting exams’

21Sep 2019
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Parent in soup for ‘stopping daughter from sitting exams’

A RESIDENT of Paramawe village in Nkasi district, Rukwa region, Luvinza Kasakwa (55) has been arrested for allegedly preventing her daughter from sitting  for  this year’s Primary School Leaving Examinations so that she could get married.

The father destroyed the education dream of the 16 year  old girl  who was studying at Paramawe primary school  .

Nkasi District Council director Missana Kwangula told The Guardian through telephone that the authority took the decision to arrest the father after being informed that the pupil didn’t show up for the examination which started on September 12, this year.

He expressed his sadness that there  were still some parents who do not encourage their children to study even as the government is providing free education.

“The examination supervise informed the ward’s education officer on the issue and after communicating with the parent, he replied that his daughter was sick but  it was later confirmed that the child was not ill,” said Kwangula.

He added that “We then directed the parent to bring the child to school for her to continue with the examinations even if she was already late. We arrested the father for further investigation.”

For his part, Paramawe Ward Councilor Wilbroad Kakui said that the child said  that she wasn’t ill but his father denied her from doing the examinations  so that she can get married.

Recent report by the World Bank shows that currently one in three girls marry before they reach the age of 18 and almost one in four have their first child before the age of 18.

It says that fruitful efforts to end child marriages in Tanzania can generate almost $5 billion in annual benefits within 15 years by reducing fertility rates and population growth.

Titled: “The Power of Investing in Girls,” the 11th Tanzania Economic Update by the World Bank revealed that economic benefits for the country from ending early child marriages are high, both to girls and the wider society.

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