All companies should be registered  digitally within 3 months—minist

21Sep 2019
James Kandoya
The Guardian
 All companies should be registered  digitally within 3 months—minist

INDUSTRY, Trade and Investment Minister Innocent Bashungwa yesterday
issued a three-month ultimatum to the Business Registration Licensing
Agencies (BRELA) to ensure that all companies are registered digitally.

Bashungwa made the directive after his tour and a meetingwith workers and management of BRELA.

He said there were unscrupulous  staff within the agency who are still in favour of the old system of paper registration for their own personal interests hence causing unnecessary delays and  inconveniences.

“I’m not satisfied with speed you have achieved so far because youhave registered few companies. I therefore       I urge  the management toensure all companies are registered  according to the digital system in the next three months” he said.

The minister said BRELA should work at recommendable speed to ensurenone of the business community intending to invest was facingcumbersome process in registering their companies.

He said 354 registered out of 141,593 companies which is equivalent to0.3 percent was very minimal   and concerted efforts were highlyneeded.

The minister said once all companies registered in digital system, itwill enable the government to trace and monitor loss of revenues.

Bashungwa also tasked BRELA to meet the Tanzania Trade DevelopmentAuthority (TanTrade) and National Identification Authority –NIDA toeliminate challenges that hamper business communities and company’sowners..

He said BRELA should clearly unveil its strategies including  the wayforward to register more companies and brands to resonate with the fifthphase government speed.

For his part, the BRELA director general Emanuel Kakweze said BRELA hadso far registered 354 companies out of 141,593 across the countrywhich is 0.3 per cent.

Kwakeze said BRELA also had registered business names 11,264 out ofestimated over 400,000 which was nearly 2 percent.

The BRELA boss said identities from NIDA were one of the big challengemost of business persons encounter when they want to register theircompany.

He said as a result there registration process takes longer time orsometimes for other processes to be completed, the situationwhich frustrating them.

He however, said that BRELA had so far contacted NIDA to openspecial desk (window) in all its offices across the country to fasttrack the registration process.

“As BRELA, we have taken several initiatives including increasingawareness to the customers and general public n how our systemworks,”.

“We have also recruited 18 lawyers to ensure that there was smoothprocess of our customer to register in the system and avoid brokersand unfaithfully workers,” he added.

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